Cutting-Edge Training for the Fastener Industry!

Looking for an efficient, cost-effective training tool to teach employees about fasteners?

Introduction to Fasteners brings the key knowledge of long-time industry leaders to your business and employees.

Why T.E.G. Fastener?
Other professional fastener training programs cost upwards of $2,000 per employee! Our automated training DVD offers comprehensive industry training for a fraction of that price. Plus, your small, one-time investment will train all employees present and future!

Designed as a general overview, Introduction to Fasteners can help employees with little or no fastener experience increase sales and service by getting the customer the right product every time. More experienced employees will identify new markets for existing products and learn product applications for specific jobs and trades.  

Topics covered include . . .
  • Basic fasteners
  • Graded fasteners
  • Concrete anchors
  • Drywall anchors
  • Coatings & materials
  • Sizing charts
  • Target marketing
  • Much, much more!


Our DVD-based training course brings the experts to you! This cost-effective system requires less manpower to administer than an in-house classroom training and results in fewer missed work hours than off-site training. Employees can learn individually or as a group; train as many employees as you like for one low price.  

Watch our demo video to see how it works!

Introduction to Fasteners is a vendor-neutral program, providing an objective view of all products without any manufacturer bias. In addition to product knowledge, employees will also receive training tips from long-time industry leaders to help turn their new found knowledge into sales results. 

Introduction to Fasteners will empower employees,
improve customer service and increase fastener sales.  

Stop letting sales pass you by! 

Our Introduction to Fasteners package includes one DVD complete with approximately two hours of comprehensive training for a low,one-time cost. Also included is a digital copy of the training guide so you can print it as needed,along with one hard copy of the guide to use as a reference.
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No time to print guides on your own? Order extra copies of the training guide from us! Each guide will enable one employee to follow along with the training DVD and serve as valuable reference tool for applying content to the workplace!
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No need to go digging through multiple books to find what you need! Our comprehensive drill bit guide puts all the answers at your fingertips. Includes sizing charts for high speed, wood boring, cobalt, carbide and more.

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T.E.G. offers a comprehensive selection of educational posters to display in your store or shop. Knowing which products go together will help employees identify and capitalize on additional sales while ensuring customers get the right products every time.

These 11" x 17" posters are $13.99 each. Choose from Wrench Sizing Chart (WSC-V1), Carbide Drill Bit & Concrete Anchor Chart (DBA-V2), Recessed Wood Boring Chart (RWB-V1) and Stainless Steel (SS-V1) or buy all four posters in our Poster Set for $49.99.


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Save a bundle with our Introduction to Fasteners Plus bundle package! You'll receive the training DVD and training guide (one printed and one electronic copy), along with our comprehensive Drill Bit Guide ($49.95 value) and Poster set ($49.95 value).
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