Consulting Services

Are fasteners the most profitable component of your business?

They should be!!!

T.E.G. offers consulting services to bring our decades of experience in the fastener industry directly to your business. Our fastener experts can help:

  • Analyze unique business needs based on location and client base
  • Recommend products and marketing techniques to boost revenues
  • Identify and negotiate pricing with the best vendors in your area
  • Enhance sales volume by designing effective merchandising displays
  • Help employees increase product knowledge and identify new sales channels

Profit Optimization Package

Ready to maximize profits in your fastener aisle? This package includes an entire week (five days) of on-site consulting packed full of analysis, advice and action in the areas of:

  - Vendor Managment
  - Vendor Relations
  - Product Analysis
  - Product Management
  - Merchandising Makeover

We begin by evaluating your current fastener business, then meeting with management, buyers, sales staff and vendors to identify the main areas of opportunity. We will help you select the best vendors, negotiate the lowest possible pricing and determine the proper product mix for your specific business. Working with vendors, we will also re-merchandise your fastener aisle to optimize sales. Finally, we will set guidelines and processes with vendors and sales associates to ensure effective implementation and long-term maintenance of all the changes.

Ready to go? Let's make it grow! Contact us today for additional information or to schedule your profit optimization!

Fastener Training Package 
Our fastener training package brings the knowledge behind our highly-recommended training DVD to your workplace. This fact-filled, one-day training session delivers the detailed fastener knowledge contained in our Introduction to Fasteners DVD plus several hours of invaluable hands-on training with different fasteners and applications. Class includes a catered lunch, a printed training guide for each employee attending and the opportunity to buy our Introduction Fasteners Training DVD at a discounted price to train future employees.

Topics covered include:

  - Fastener Fractions
  - Reading Threads

  - Head, Driver & Grade Types
  - Nuts, Bolts & Washers
  - Metric Fasteners
  - Screws
  - Concrete Anchors
  - Drywall Anchors
  - Coatings & Materials

Help your employees "Get the Knowledge. Get Results." Contact us today to schedule a fastener training package for your business.

Consulting Add-Ons

Specialized training in the following areas can be added on to either the profit optimization package or the fastener training package:

  - Job-Site Training (half day program)

  - Top-Down Selling (one-hour class)
  - Real World Selling (two-hour class)
  - Customer Relations (one-hour class)

Ready to revolutionize your fastener business?  
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